Blade Toshiba X-Gale : "MacBook Air" SSD

Toshiba has just announced the SSD (solid-state disks) high capacity of the "new form factor" in the product series "Blade X-Gale. " MacRumors readers will recognize the small SSD stem as the same product used in Apple's new MacBook Air. Toshiba provides this component to Apple and now offers products to the general market.

These SSDs are available now, and the new drive is offered in the capacity 64-gigabyte (GB) (1), 128GB and 256GB, with a maximum sequential read speed of 220MB per second (MB / s) (2) and maximum sequential write speed 180MB / s . Ideally suited to be integrated in a product that has a small size, including tablet PCs, laptops, mini-mobile PCs and netbooks, Toshiba's new SSD is indeed helpful device to have a super thin.

This latest Toshiba SSDs come in three sizes the same as Apple's current offering as well (64GB, 128GB, and 256GB) and even has the same part number so that shows that this is the exact same product. This is good news for the prospect of the MacBook Air because it offers a potential upgrade path for the MacBook Air's SSD drive which only come in certain combinations of Apple. For example, the 256GB SSD is available in 11-inch MacBook Air. We need to note that we can not confirm that the 256GB is really going to get into the 11 "MacBook Air, because 256GB slightly thicker than the size of 64GB and 128GB (3.7mm vs. 2.2mm).

Other companies have announced their own replacement for the SSD MacBook Air, and Toshiba supply will ensure a healthy aftermarket for that component. No pricing has been announced for SSD devices Toshiba X-Gale Blade this.